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Christian Counseling What makes Christian counseling different from secular counseling? Christian counseling and secular counseling are the same in the sense that the main goal of the sessions done is to help people solve their dilemmas in life. Christian counseling and secular counseling both look forward that the person finds joy and meaning in life. Christian counseling and secular counseling desires that a person be health both mentally and emotionally. The educational qualification of counselors are mostly impressive and their skills have grown over time through unending practice of their profession. Counseling may mean a lot of things.
What You Should Know About Services This Year
The act of giving advice and extending encouragement to a person is an act of Counseling. Wisdom being shared and skills being imparted are also forms of counseling. Counseling may also mean helping a person set goals and resolve conflicts. The past of a person is usually probed into in order for the counselor to help the person in repairing his or her current situation. Psychological problems may be attributed to imbalances which are both physical and chemical which the counselor often needs to point out. Counseling seeks to resolve conflict between people and restore the relationships of the same.
What You Should Know About Services This Year
Christian counseling has what for it’s basis? While they may appear to be the same because of their objectives, Christian counseling is different from secular counseling. There is a unique phase in Christian Counseling as compared to secular counseling. As against psychological explanations, Christian counseling which is also known as biblical counseling aims to know those areas of life of a Christian where he or she may be found to be in rebellion to the principles and commands found in the bible. It is the ultimate goal of Christian counseling to help the person learn how to submit to God and his commands. The Christian counselors are enabled to do that because they have definite standards to follow on how to measure their goals and evaluate the lifestyle of the Christian person. The Bible is the ultimate standard of truth by which the Christian counselor determines the progress of the person counseled. As compared to secular counseling, secular counseling does not measure the progress of an individual using such Biblical standards. There is no definite way to measure it. And such standards are dynamic meaning they keep on changing from time to time. In secular counseling, there is therefore no absolute standard to evaluate the morals and choices of people. In Christian counseling, a man’s nature, his or her marriage and family, his obstacles and a lot of things related to him or her can be addressed by the practical wisdom found in the Bible. Christian counseling has a fixed basis on which to measure the success of a person counseled while secular counseling does not provide for fixed terms.

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