C-Fly Obtain: The Affordable Brushless RC Quadcopter

The C-Fly Get F803 is folded up or unfolded for trip, its similarities to the Mavic are undeniable. Unlike many of the cheap imitators, the Get actually has some impressive features. This quadcopter is allowed with GPS and GLONASS, it has powerful brushless engines, and it hosts a range of flight modes. The Get features a 1080p HD camera on a stabilized 3-axis gimbal. Could this be a genuine low-cost alternative to the Mavic? The Obtain starts of them costing only $499, compared to the $999 from the Mavic. Let’s dig just a little deeper to see if you obtain what you are paying for.

What is the C-Fly Obtain F803?

The C – FLY OBTAIN has its own impressive stats. You’ll obtain a flight time of up to 22 minutes, which is better than the smaller DJI Spark. Additionally, it has a top speed of thirty-three mph (54 kph). The product range on the C-Fly is limited to a paltry 300 metres, which may be this drone’s finest weakness. The Mavic, naturally, is more impressive, with a twenty-seven minute flight time, max speed of 40 mph, and a 4. 3-mile range.

The Obtain should be pretty stable with its dual GPS/GLONASS system. It also has an höhe hold barometer that should help maintain a consistent altitude. As the Obtain should remain fairly stable, the Mavic is among the most impressive drones we have seen in terms of balance. We don’t expect this to be nearly as constant as the Mavic, however it should still be better than many drones.


The camera on the Obtain is able of 1080p video in 25 fps and several. 7 MP stills. Whilst 1080p is still considered by many people consumers to be an acceptable quality, the still image quality will likely leave you yearning to get more pixels. They were able to press a 3-axis gimbal about this drone, and it should perform a decent job of keeping the video stable. For assessment, the Mavic boasts a 12 MP camera and will catch 4K video.

Flight Settings

The Obtain does have a few impressive flight modes. They have a one-key return-to-home feature that will also activate in the event that the drone loses reference to the transmitter. You can arrange it to follow waypoints. Additionally, it has a follow-me mode and an orbit mode.


Handheld remote control

Flying with a physical remote control is much easier and stretches the range. The video from the jingle is transmitted via a Wi-fi signal and will display 720p at 25 fps although it recordes at the higher 1080 pixels resolution.

Should You Obtain a C-Fly Obtain?

At $499 (with the recommended remote) the C-Fly Obtain is just half the cost of the DJI Mavic. It looks like a Mavic and has a wide range of features of the Mavic. This, however, is not a Mavic. The Mavic is a remarkably impressive machine. But it costs twice as much as the Obtain. If the Get is half as amazing as the Mavic it could still is a pretty good deal, ideal? While we have yet to check the C-Fly Obtain Multicopter for ourselves, our preliminary impressions are good.

Other Options

Yes, the DJI Mavic is a much better machine than the Get, but are there other options? The DJI Spark starts in $499 and when the Mavic 2 launches the price of the Mavic Pro is sure to drop. There is even some discuss a low-cost Mavic SONY ERICSSON or Mavic Standard. If you are searching for something small we have come up with a handful of good choices under $500.

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